Birthdays & holidays are always exciting days for most any child.  Planning parties is always stressful because we want to make each of our child's birthdays memorable! At the American Academy of Equestrian Sciences & Camp Koda, we go to great lengths to make those dreams come true!

Our typical party begins with cake and ice cream (which is provided by the party coordinator and/or parents) and concludes with the pony rides & barn activities. The pony ride is not a riding lesson, but a short ride on the pony who is led around by an AAES Staff Member. 
Our “climate controlled” party room is located on the second floor which looks out on our indoor riding arena. The party coordinator is encouraged to bring room decorations and any additional items such as movies, games or party favors that would help make the party a success! Tables & chairs are provided.



​​​To insure the health and safety of our guests, we ask that all children participating in the pony rides be a minimum of four (4) years of age at the time of the party. Younger children are certainly welcome to attend the festivities, but will not be permitted to ride the pony. All pony riders must wear a helmet. (We have helmets available for children to borrow at no additional cost.) They should also wear closed-toe shoes with 1 to 1 1/2" heal. Sandals are not permitted.  For comfort, long pants are also recommended.

AAES (Camp Koda) reserves the right to change the arrangement if the weather, time of day, and other events, etc. warrant it. In some instances a cancellation is necessary; however, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible if such an occasion arises.

Note: A Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted for each child and adult attending the party.